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Each service is provided with the utmost care and accuracy. Ten years of experience in the field allow us to guarantee the highest quality standards at incredible, unrivalled prices.

For the supply of wet salted raw skins and hides

We take brokerage one step further. Our mission is to strike the best possible deal for all the clients who ask us for advice. For us, business consulting means concern for:
  • your needs
  • current market trends
  • the domestic and international financial/economical situation
  • the greater security of settling any disputes professionally
  • strict confidentiality
  • research on the preservation of wet salted hides and skins
  • research on animal skin diseases in collaboration with the local Institute of Zootechnics
  • settling of disputes all over Italy and nearby countries

  • Consulting for the creation into your company of a system for process and preserve refrigerated fresh hides. The costs will be mantained on the minimum, but having at the end an high quality product.
  • Creation and maintain long term commercial relationships for the selling of refrigerated hides at the best market prices.

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