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Agrica offer their systems for:
a) automatic trimming and selecting fresh hides into 12 different weight ranges at same time, capable to process up to 250 hides per hour
b) structure for chilling, hanged, up to 2000 hides per day

These great numbers are obviously the maximun capability of these 2 systems. But the incredible flexibility, low purchase costs, and reducted number of worers allow to these lants to be used in aprofitable way also for lot lower numbers.

This is an incredible opportunity to renew and modernize your warehouse ,giving your workers the possibility to work in an upright position, improving their working conditions and especially the prouctivity!

  1. Automated Trimming and Selelecting Line
    With this nonstopping line, the hides ,once hanged, will be carried on the trimming table.
    On the table workers can trim and square the hides easily, without any other effort than using knife.

    impianto01 (52K)
    Trimming at the table. 4 person for maximum capacity (250 hides/hour) but only 1 or 2 can do same job at lower speed!

    The chain is in a slow but continuos movement, and this is perfect to work comfortable, but with productivity at extraordinary and unthinkable levels!!
    When the hide pass throught the trimming table, workers, pushing a simple button, will identify the type of hides. The balance will do the rest, automating divide into the desired weight ranges.

    impianto02 (30K)

    Up to 12 at the same time per each trimming session. You can select different weight ranges per each different session.

    impianto03 (70K)

    A modern touch-screen computer will store all the data, and will print reports, detailed or summarized.

    This line has been used by us only for a year and half, and after that period, has been dismounted for end activity.
    The stainless steel, the low usage and the storing in a dry warehouse, grant to the machinery to be now like new condition.
    And more, in case of new installation, it will be serviced by the original manufacturer, in oder to give you a machinery in a condition completely similar to new.
  2. Refrigerating system
    Agrica desigend on their own a system for chilling hides hanged very simple, economic and very pratic.
    This system has been used by us, with excepional results in terms of high quality results and minimum weight loss, at the granted minimum cost possible!
    Is a structure made of glavanized steel columns and beams, where hides are hanged for one day. The day after, the hides will be stored into perfectly sized boxes, waiting for the completion of the lot.
    You only need a forklift to manage the system and simple trestles.

    impianto04 (41K)

    the system has been used many years, but ince there aren't moving parts and ll the steel is protected by a zinc coat everything is in perfect funcionality.

    Agrica will supply only the internal structure where hides are hanged, because the chilling engines and the cold rooms wall has not been dismounted.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us fo any question, so you won't loose the opportunity to modernize your raw hides warehouse at incredible low costs!

    At the end you will be able to speed up your operations, lower the cost, increase productivity and offer also a new chilled product that will widen your sells opportunity.

    About chilled hides, Agrica remember you that there isn't any risks in that process, because all the chilled hides has to be sold in advance before being chilled!
    You will simply have one more oportunty to satisfy a new demand with an extraordinary low costs.

    In case you will ever decide to buy one of ours machinery, we will grant you our complete techincal and commercial support in order to ind the best solution for your needs.

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