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Welcome into the section reserved to AGRICA.IT subscribers.

Here you can consult our traditional Market Report, where you will see the average prices over the Italian market of raw material and the most relevant industry news that can affect it.

Filling the Registration Form now you can get into the following servies:

  1. Weekly Market Report [and the Agrica index]
  2. Past reports since year 2000
  3. Annual graphs of different categories

More service are under construction, you will be informed as soon as they are ready!

    Our classical Market Report is weekly updated, based on informations noticed day by day.
    For each category you will see every week an average price, and you can get an indication on the market trend in that week.
    Italy is a small country, but characterized by a raw material production very different for quality and quantity from one place to another. So, obviously, our prices are merely indicative and mediated, useful only for understand the market trend in the specified period.
    Values in the market reports haven't reference to any particular area or supplier, but useful only for understand the market trends in the specified period.
    In order to increase the informations about the market trends, we have created the Agrica Index (A.I.).
    The Agrica Index is an index obtained by the weekly average prices of each category weighted by the annual quantity over the total. (weighted percentages are on estimated annual production of each category).
    The initial value (base 100) is the index made with the values of our first survey week. (week 38 2000).

    The historical data archive is a collection of our past weekly reports, dived per year of production.
    In some parts of the years the creation of reports has not been continuos, due to many reasons. The main is that a free system didn't guarantee a punctual and continuos data updating.
    Now, with the subscriptions, we get a more structured system that will guarantee the informations and the Market Report to be keeped up to date.

    Every year you fill find a graph with the price trend of each raw hide category, based on the weekly market reports.

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